RoseCrossing, Inc.

See, Taste, Hear, Feel, Smell the Wonders of Orkney

Farmland RoseCrossing, Inc. has been able to grow because of all the wonders on Orkney. Its success, though, is mostly due to the people who live there and who have trusted that art workshops imbued with the stories of local Orcadians for overseas visitors would work. Based on the success of the first year, and the participants’ excitement to return to see more of Orkney, it is clear that there are many other ways to view, be part of, and be inspired by Orkney.

With that possibility in mind, we have described what these weeks might offer. What follows are some details of the potential. It is likely that some of these themed weeks would be offered at different times of the year. The lodging may vary due to the activity and the time of year, but be assured that the ethos and the care and the concern that underlie the success of the Watercolor White-line Woodblock Workshops will be maintained! If you have any interest in these new immersion weeks, please contact us so that we can start to turn them into reality!

Pending Workshops
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