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The Participants Speak Out

artist painting Each week the program was nearly the same, varying only to better meet some of the needs of the participants. The weather was a welcome relief to that back on the east coast and although the Orcadians might have thought otherwise, the Americans all loved the shade and coolness.

Each participant managed to complete at least two different compositions. One person spent a great deal of time in the studio and completed 5 individual woodblocks! And she hadn’t painted since she was 5 years old!

The last Sunday following the last week, an exhibition was held at Woodwick House and there were over 25 pieces of work on display. I had over 15 new pieces also on display. Local Orcadian, Mary Sinclair graciously lent some of her "needle art" to help beautify the gallery walls. James Bryan and Stefanie Lauer of Woodwick House pleasantly served the refreshments. Three of the summer artists sold pieces and I, got a commission.


artist painting

"Orkney’s light and sky are striking; the ancient roots profound. Here, Jeanne--so linked to the island and at ease with teaching - sparked my own multifaceted ’adventure," while Woodwick House charmed in every way. Learning the white-line technique and visiting artists’ studios expanded my sense of design and color which has improved my drawing tremendously." - Louise, photographer

"I miss terribly, the full cloudy skies and patterns of light and fields, not to mention everyone and everything at the Woodwick House…The provocative shadows around Woodwick House and its grounds, were so artistic! I felt immersed!" - Tom, sound engineer

"Orkney proved to be a very special place, welcoming, peaceful and comfortable. I can now journey back there in my mind whenever things here get out of hand. I truly felt like I had always been there." - Marty, architect

"We were very emotionally moved by our trip to Orkney. The experience of creating art on an island with so much ancient history is a privilege and an obvious inspiration. The accommodations, food and staff at the Woodwick House were an important part of the experience - it was well kept, food was excellent and the staff attentive to your needs and very endearing. The art studio was great - wonderful view, well lit and spacious and private. You and Bob were the consummate professionals in arranging our introduction to Orkney and such great company!! You brought the island alive. We felt that in one week we had gotten a great overview of the island front he historical point of view, an introduction to the local people of Orkney, the artists, and craftspeople of the island and to also have some time to relax and simply enjoy and experience the landscape. We felt very sad leaving and look forward to returning." - Sandra, textile designer

"Virginia is still talking about what a great time she had! Me TOO! I’m ready to retire there! Neil….the evening lecturer…well, I think we should adopt him. What a treasure!" - Nancy, art center director

"Having basic drawing art supplies filling up a unique and useful tote bag, was a real surprise and a friendly touch!" - Margaret Elizabeth, musician and world traveller

"It was sooooo great. We owe big time. I will not fill the pages with what fun it was, but also what great people you introduced us to. …is a very special person. This was by far one of the mostsignificant vacations we have ever taken. We loved Orkney, all the wonderful people we met and the interesting sites we saw." - Marty

artist painting

"Jeanne, you are the best: knowledgeable, patient, and kind while offering constructive criticism. I have been ’white-lining’ every since our return from Orkney - and I am someone who had never picked up a paint brush before. The whole scene was inspiring. When people ask me what the best part of my 2 week trip was, I always say ’the art class.’ Thank you!" - Mary, school psychologist

"Visiting a photographer’s studio for a light homemade lunch was just perfect. And what a view!" - Laurel, teacher

"…the whole experience (not vacation) was divine. SPOT ON!! We laughed so hard and so much. We fell in love - with the people and the whole country. Once in a lifetime trip *** rating!…" - Virginia, landscape architect

"I want to thank you so much for a wonderful experience. I had a great time and enjoyed the whole adventure. Learning a new art form really peaked my interest in learning more. We are ordering more supplies and are already planning how we can create a studio/gallery in our home. Your style, generosity, and passion is contagious. The whole trip was special and you are a special person in a special place. I feel I had much more than just a 2 week vacation. Let’s plan more of these trips in other places as well." - Tracee, antique collector

"Thanks to Bob and John of Discover Orkney Tours. All the care and attention you so professionally extended went a long way to ensure the success of the tour and all its activities. Your attention to details is unparalled …it was very much appreciated….In a word, phenomenal! Orkney. How can I describe the ’special magic of the place? You had shared your experience of it with me and you were absolutely right in everything you said.… For me wasn’t only seeing the sites …they felt even more eloquent in their silences…it was seeing them against the backdrop of such an incredibly beautiful and varied space. It’s the kind of place where you don’t need any other activity other than watching the play of nature…It’s the every-changing colors of the sky reflected in the sea. It’s the way the light changes every second and you can actually see the sun’s rays against the clouds. It’s the cattle grazing, the birds singing, the clean, misty air…and all of this creating such a feeling of peace and harmony which is so tranquilizing. …and by the way…even though the art workshops were not the focus of my visit, I want you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed participating in them with you. You should feel proud that your educator’s tenacity seems to have uncovered a latent artistic talent." — Inga, art collector

"…and the cycling was great!" - Martin, artist

artist painting

"BUT for me it was the history! The excitement of prehistoric being a stone’s throw from World War sites, like Scapa Flow….blew me away…" — Tom

" At nearly all the artist, silversmith or craft studios we visited, the designers were there and so willing to help, share and be generous!" — Mary

"…and the shopping was a HUGE surprise to find designer crafts being made in small venues created by only a few people! — Tracee

"As a participant in Orkney Art Adventure, I look over my photos and prints, reflecting on rich memories. Our facilitator, Jeanne, taught us an exciting, facile watercolor - printmaking technique, while she and the local artists and historians we met, opened the door to experience of the spirit of Orkney. Orkney, still fresh, I recall a gale, the wind at once soothing and fierce, decending gleaming silver swords of light piercing the sea, the earth suddenly turning freakish, wild. As the wind settled and the eastern sky turned a springtime steely blue, double rainbows appeared. We took our feelings of praise to the stone circles at midnight under the full moon, leaning into each cool lichened surface to listen to 5000 year old secrets. The experiences continue to inform my painting, and my spiritual perspective." — Roberta, art teacher & artist

It is more than the paint…it is more than the place…it is about the journey… "Rainbows may be elusive, but they seem to thrive on Orkney…and when the day ends, and your luck is right, the sea will turn lavender and the clouds, well, they will dance in colors that delight!

I hope we will meet and paint and enjoy the immersion into all that is Orkney!" signature

© 2007 Jeanne Bouza Rose